Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find information about the Club's history?
You can find information about the Club and a brief history here.

Is it possible to try paddling with Different Strokes?
Yes, all year around we have a Dragon Pass available that allows you to paddle with us for free for 4 weeks. With this pass you can join training sessions and race, so you get to trial the full experience as a member of the club and the sport.

Register for Dragon Pass with Different Strokes here.

We also have regular open days for people to come and experience what dragon boat paddling is all about. Keep an eye on our events and follow us on our social media channels for event updates. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Are change room shower and toilet facilities available at the Bank Street training area?
There are no change rooms or shower facilities available at Bank Street, however portable toilets are available to the left of the storage container.

Where can I park (car and bike)?
Allocated parking is available for club members only on designated training days and times. Please look out for the club markers on the fence to find our allocated parking area. If no parking is available in our designated area, paid parking is available on surrounding streets. Please ensure your car is locked, and valuables are out of sight.

Bike racks are available inside the entrance gate to the left.

Different Strokes parking is generally on Bay 6 (it can change season to season) and when parking please follow the order as per this diagram

Where can I store personal items when I arrive at training on foot or by bike?
A storage area is available in the storage container. Bring your own lock. Please note, storage is at your own risk as the container is not locked.

What are the fitness requirements for dragon boat paddling?
Paddling is a great way to build cardio endurance and muscle strength. It is an intense sport so it’s recommended that you consult with your physician prior to commencing this sport especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

What clothing should I wear to training?
Dragon Boat paddling is a water sport and you might get wet! Waterproof and/or quick dry clothing that allows your upper body to move is recommended: singlet/t-shirt, running shorts/tights. In cooler weather, consider wearing thermal underlayers. Closed toe footwear is required (your feet will get wet). On really wet weather, a spray jacket is recommended.

Don’t forget to slip on a hat and wear sunscreen when training in daylight hours.

What is the time-commitment needed for paddling at the club?
There is no minimum time commitment needed to train at the club.

Is there somewhere I can change before or after training?
There are no change room facilities. It’s recommended you come to training in your training clothes. You can bring a towel (or a towel poncho) so you can comfortably change clothes after training.

Where do we meet and warm up at the start of training sessions?
We meet inside the entrance gate to the left on the concrete area at the start of each training session.

Can I paddle socially or just for fitness if I do not want to compete?
Yes. You are welcome to paddle socially or as a part of your fitness regime.

Does the club provide paddles, or do I need to buy one for myself?
A few paddles are available for use. We can lend you a paddle on your first session. If you intend to train frequently, paddles are available on sale and we can also provide recommendations if you intend to purchase other than what’s available in the club.

What etiquette should I be aware of when in the boat?
During training sessions, our coaches and sweeps provide instructions. Coaches will teach you to paddle correctly and lead training exercises. Sweeps steer the boat and give commands that ensure everyone's safety. It’s important to always listen, follow their instructions and avoid talking whenever they speak. As dragon boat paddling is a team sport, respect for each other is important.

Does the club have any social activities?
Different Strokes is more than dragon boating. Every year we participate in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and organise an end-of-year party. We have a variety of club social events such as trivia nights, theatre shows, movie nights. We also have an end-of-season party, usually a themed party. During the end-of-season party, the coaching team, the board and the members recognise exemplary members through annual awards. There are other social activities that are not regular but are organised by the board or members on an ad hoc basis such as post-regatta get-togethers, parties, and other recreation activities. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, social and inclusive club. You can access the club social calendar here.

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