Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club Inc. is a Sydney-based dragon boat club that embraces a competitive spirit in a supportive environment. In order that we fully engage with current and prospective members, this document aims to present an overview of the objectives of the organisation and the expectations required of its members.

Objectives of Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club Inc

  1. Participate in competitive dragon boat racing at Local, State, National and International levels.
  2. Provide an inclusive dragon boat racing club that welcomes participation from all people but particularly embraces participation from the members of the LGBTQI+ community.
  3. Provide a happy and safe environment that allows its members to enjoy participating in the sport of dragon boat racing.
  4. Assist members reach their potential.
  5. Respect each person's talent, developmental stage and sporting goals and compliment and encourage those goals with positive and supportive feedback.
  6. Respect the traditions of dragon boat racing.
  7. Affiliate, as necessary, with the relevant State and/or National body(s) charged with promoting and administering the sport of dragon boat racing.
  8. Pursue such commercial arrangements (such as sponsorship and marketing) as are deemed appropriate to further the club's interests.
  9. Have regard to the public interest in its operations.

Expectations of club members
The club has a level of commitment and standard of behaviour expected of all members. This includes:

  1. Treating other club members with respect.
  2. Respecting members of other dragon boat clubs and those within the dragon boat community.
  3. Enabling an environment in which all members can benefit from the skills and advice of the coaches.
  4. Participating in other club activities such as fundraising, social functions, and outings.
  5. Participating in regattas as listed in the club season calendar. This calendar is published on the club website. Participation in regattas ensures that the club is well-represented at all events.
  6. Contributing to the best of your ability to make the most of your dragon boating experience.
  7. Being aware that your behaviour will reflect on the club and, as such, always maintain appropriate behaviour to ensure a strong public image for the club when participating in club activities.
  8. Attending training regularly, in line with the club training schedule.

Management of Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club Inc
The business and activities of DSDBC are to be managed in accordance with the Constitution of the club. This allows for the business and activities of the club to be guided by the Committee elected from the membership. The committee will at all times act in the club's best interest and will endeavour to be receptive to feedback from the membership.

Selection for regattas
As a competitive club, we encourage and support each member to strive to achieve their personal best in dragon boat racing.

We understand and acknowledge that the capacity and desire to excel differs between people. We also understand that each person will have differing capacities to attend training due to personal commitments and circumstances.

The club will always strive to put forward the strongest teams possible at each regatta. We will try to give members as many races as possible and this will often be achieved by entering a number of teams. It is, therefore to be expected that if more than one team is entered in a category that one team will be stronger than the other.

The Head Coach will determine team selection according to the following factors:

  1. Technique;
  2. Strength and Fitness;
  3. Training attendance;
  4. Completion of required fitness tests (eg erg and water trials);
  5. Specific skills (eg accredited sweeps, strokes);
  6. Team Player attributes (eg positive encouragement, engagement and enthusiasm);
  7. Regatta attendance throughout the season; and
  8. Boat Balance

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