Life Time Members

Life Members

This is the highest honour that can be bestowed on our members.

The following people have been awarded Life Membership of Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club:

Tanya White
Recognising nearly two decades of service to the NSW Dragon Boat community and coaching of Different Strokes. Tanya had in the past spent many years serving on the Board of DBNSW. She has worked tirelessly to help build a junior's squad and worked across many clubs. She has been the coach of Different Strokes since 2012 and we have benefited greatly from her guidance, passion and faith in us. Tanya has also been given life membership of DBNSW.

Brigette Sharp - Awarded 2021

Brigette was president of the club between 2011 - 2014, a founding committee member and rejoined the board as secretary in 2017-2018. While not being able to paddle, Brigette supported the crew during our Hungary campaign in 2018 as team manager and has always been an all-round passionate and supportive member of Different Strokes.

Rob Harris- Awarded 2021

Rob was one of the founding members of Different Strokes, a committee member over the years and president of the club between 2019-2020. He still remains an active Paddler and Sweep in the club and continues to promote and support the founding ideas of the club.

Anna Montgomery- Awarded 2023

Anna has been a member since the 2009/10 season and a coach for many years. She has represented Auroras, NSW and Different Strokes both nationally and internationally. She continues to promote and embody the ideals of our club and is an inspiration our members.

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